'Yellow Submarine' Resurfacing to Become a Lurid 'Beowulf'

August 20, 2009


With Beatles music and likenesses coming to RockBands everywhere next month, allowing me and other talentless idiots to scream into a microphone and pretend we're playing some of the most popular and enduring songs ever written, whoever it is that now has control of the band's rights have decided they might as well dilute the Beatles brand a bit further. Disney and Robert Zemeckis are working out a deal that would allow the motion-capture-loving director to direct a remake of the psychedelic animated classic Yellow Submarine. From Variety:

The studio has been quietly brokering a complicated rights deal that would give Zemeckis access to 16 original Beatles songs for a movie he will direct in the performance-capture 3-D digital production format he employed for “A Christmas Carol.” Disney opens that film November 6, with Jim Carrey playing Scrooge as well as the three ghosts who haunt him in the Charles Dickens tale.

The hope is to have "Yellow Submarine" ready to premiere around the 2012 Summer Olympics, which begins July 27 in London.

I can't wait to see how Zemeckis will take these already creepy character designs and make them even more creepy by adding another dimension, lifeless eyes and spotty skin textures.

But I guess this is a good way to show kids in today's drug culture what the previous generation's drug culture was like. It hasn't always been glowsticks, kids: there was a time when the colors themselves were ridiculously bright!

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