'Fantastic Mr. Fox' Featurette: Posthumously Author Approved

September 21, 2009


Spike Jonze has some competition in the author approved children's book adaptation department. While a recent featurette revealed that Where the Wild Thing Are had the blessing and spirit of its author, Maurice Sendak, putting Jonze in the clear lead, Wes Anderson has answered back with a similar behind-the-scenes look in which you see how the director has literally recreated author Roald Dahl's pastoral home in miniature for use in his stop-motion Fantastic Mr. Fox adaptation. And if that's not enough, the widow Dahl says Anderson achieved the atmosphere Roald Dahl would have wanted so well, she burst into tears when she saw the set. Though, I suppose we'd have to know if she also burst into tears on the set of Danny DeVito's Matilda to know if her weeping holds any meaning whatsoever.

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