Ignore This If You Don't Want to See a Human Centipede

September 28, 2009


If you aren't familiar with the upcoming torture/horror film Human Centipede, please take a moment to read the disgusting summary before going any further. OK?

If, at this point, you're cool with a scenario in which girls (and a Japanese tourist) are surgically connected, ass-to-mouth, into a chain of humans with a single digestive system--which, I should note, you would only be OK with if you're a sociopath wearing a homemade sport coat made of your own shit--here are a short series of Human Centipede clips you can watch, throw up over, and then maybe put together a nice matching hat out of your vomit (since that's the kind of thing you do):

That was actually pretty tame compared to what I was expecting. Left me mostly wondering what the person in front felt like when that middle girl keeps trying to scream. Weird, I bet!

(via /Film)

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