Jeff Foxworthy: Legendary Man, Legendary Ox

September 3, 2009


Apparently not everyone instinctively forms tight fists as soon as they hear Jeff Foxworthy's voice inquiring if viewers are smarter than 10-year-olds and/or are rednecks. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the mustached comedian's southern accent will provide the voice of Babe the Blue Ox in a new animated take on the Paul Bunyan legend:

Jeff Foxworthy will be an ox.

The comedian will voice the role of Babe the Blue Ox in "Bunyan & Babe," the animated feature from MGM and Exodus Film Group.

The pic puts a modern twist on the classic folk tale of Paul Bunyan and his sidekick Babe, with the pair embarking on a mission to save a town from a rapacious real estate developer. John Goodman is set to voice Bunyan, and Kelsey Grammer is the developer.

I'm so shocked and disappointed that the article never says, "Jeff Foxworthy is ox-worthy." Variety never would have missed that kind of knock-out sentence. Really slipping, Hollywood Reporter.

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