LeBron James Our New B-Baller/Actor

September 17, 2009


Having forced his hulking 7'1" frame into Blue Chips, Kazaam, and Steel with little commercial success, Hollywood has finally decided maybe Shaq is best kept on television, where the basketball star swimming with Michael Phelps passes as entertainment. But while we're all thankful Kazaam 2 remains just a recurring nightmare, Shaq's resignation to the TV realm--along with Dennis Rodman's fall to insignificance and Michael Jordan's apparent refusal to put some pants on over his Hanes and make another Space Jam--does mean we need another tall athlete to bear the heavy jersey of basketball player-cum-movie star.

Looks like it will be LeBron James. The Cavalier was just cast in a film with a really catchy title:

LeBron James will make his feature starring debut, playing himself in "Fantasy Basketball Camp," a Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment comedy.

Pic is a comedy about five guys from different backgrounds who come to Vegas to live out their fantasy by attending the LeBron James Adult Basketball Camp. While it should be enough that these dreamers get to breathe the same oxygen as their hero, the campers drag James into their various life issues, ranging from serious to idiotic.

Wild Hogs 2, featuring LeBron James? I can't say that sounds too promising. Still, I hope this works out for him and he gets some more parts. James is a talented enough player that he deserves his shot at playing a genie at least once.

LeBron James to star in 'Basketball' pic [Variety]

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