'Messages Deleted' Trailer: Oh, Crap, Where Did My Messages Go!?

September 21, 2009


From the writer of Phone Booth and Cellular--a man determined as shit to make the phone a more popular device in the thriller genre--here's the trailer for the pseudo-ominously titled Messages Deleted.

In this masturbatory effort, Matthew Lillard stars as a screenwriter who gets caught up in string of senseless killings--which, oddly enough, closely resemble the senseless killings in one of his screenplays, Senseless Killings. So what does Matthew Lillard do about that? He shoots a bow, obviously:

Messages Deleted Trailer

I don't quite get the "Messages Deleted" title. It seems like he was almost done banging out the script's final cliché when he suddenly remembered how much he loves phones as a theme, and hastily tossed in a few scenes with an answering machine.

Still, I applaud his insistence on leaving behind a legacy of phone films. Though, if he's serious about this, he should probably do a little research into modern telecommunication technologies. The move from Phone Booth to Cellular was a step in the right direction, but now he's gone back to answering machines? I don't even know anyone who owns an answering machine anymore. If he keeps this up, his next film is going to be "Time of Day Service."

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