Michael Jackson's Final Performance Ever Proves Popular Movie Subject

September 29, 2009


People love seeing the (moon)walking dead! This Is It, the film that compiles the final rehearsal performances of Michael Jackson, is reportedly finding massive success in movie ticket pre-sales, dominating online vendor sales and creating camped-out lines in front of theaters by people who don't know how to use the internet:

In Los Angeles, ticketbuyers started camping out Thursday at the Nokia Plaza at L.A. Live to buy tickets for the L.A. screenings, which sold out all 3,000 seats within the first two hours on Sunday

"This Is It" accounted for some 80% of all online ticketing in the U.S. within its first 24 hours of sales, dominating presales compared with such upcoming titles as "Avatar" and "The Twilight Saga: New Moon."

"I've never seen anything like it in the 25 years I have been film buying," Boreman said. "It's a true phenomenon, and sales show no sign of slowing down."

Japanese theaters recorded more than $1 million in ticket sales within the first 24 hours; sell-outs also occurred in France, Australia, Germany and New Zealand.

Man, if a Michael Jackson concert film is doing this well now, imagine if there were some horrible tragedy bringing renewed interest to the once-respected artist long-ago dismissed as a freakish, self-mutilated pedophile!

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