More People I Don't Know in 'Thor'

September 23, 2009


I've got some great news if you're fans/parents of Jaimie Alexander or Colm Feore: the actors from Kyle XY and The Listener (neither of which I know of as shows on television, but I'm told are/were), respectively, have joined the cast of Kenneth Branagh's Thor.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Alexander will be play Sif, a powerful resident of Asgard and sexual conquest of Thor, while Colm Feore's character is known only to be a villain of some nature.

You know who's probably going to be upset by this news? Colm Meaney, Star Trek's Chief O'Brien. If Feore's career takes off after this, it endangers all the years of hard work Meaney has put into becoming Hollywood's Biggest Colm.

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