'New Moon' Trailer: Being a Teenage Girl Torn Between Vampire and Werewolf Boyfriends is Rough

September 14, 2009


The Twilight saga continues! And now there's a vampire king or something! Which is a bit ridiculous, because it isn't Dracula. If a vampire king is named, it's obviously going to be Dracula. Who's going to run against Dracula in a vampire king election? Get with it, Stephenie Meyer.

Anyway, here's the new New Moon trailer, Twilightiacs.

Argh! Who to choose??? On the one hand, your vampire boyfriend is so mysterious and pale and big-haired, and you love how condescending he is about you not being a vampire. But on the other hand, he did abandon you, and now apparently the only way to see him is to ride a dirt bike or drown, and this werewolf boyfriend seems to care for you quite a bit. Then again, werewolf boyfriend only communicates in phrases about vampire boyfriend not loving you, which makes for some pretty hollow conversations, so it's a bit of a toss-up.

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