Nigeria Not Pleased With 'District 9' -- And Not Just Because They Felt the Film's Epilogue Was Unnecessary

September 21, 2009


Bad news if you wanted to see District 9 and are in Nigeria:

Nigeria's government is asking cinemas to stop showing a science fiction film, District Nine, that it says denigrates the country's image.

Information Minister Dora Akunyili told the BBC's Network Africa programme that she had asked the makers of the film, Sony, for an apology.

She says the film portrays Nigerians as cannibals, criminals and prostitutes.

I'd be weary bout sending an apology, Sony. As soon as you open a line of communication, you know this "information minister" isn't going to let up until you've wire-transferred her some money in exchange for a later payoff in gold bullion.

Nigeria 'offended' by sci-fi film [BBC]

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