Rampage Is On Our A-Team

September 8, 2009


A professional near-murderer has joined The A-Team. Vancouver Sun is reporting that Ultimate Fighter Rampage Jackson will be taking the role made famous by Mr. T:

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship world light heavyweight champion Quinton (Rampage) Jackson is in Vancouver to star as BA Baracus in an upcoming movie version of The A-Team.

The Sun has learned Rampage was in Vancouver on August 19 to discuss the role with producers and arrived in town Friday to prepare for filming.

Jackson has been removed from the UFC 107 card where he was set to face Sugar Rashad Evans in an Ultimate Fighter finale showdown, so he can appear in the film.

I hope this means director Joe Carnahan is adding some scenes where Baracus chokes a guy to the brink of unconsciousness with his thighs and then punches him repeatedly until forcibly stopped. Otherwise a lot of talent is being wasted here.

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