'Takers' Trailer: These Guys Have Such Explosion Apathy They Must Be Awesome

September 11, 2009


Did all the cut-and-pasted heads on the Takers poster get you super worked up to see why Hayden Christensen was dressed up like a high-class rude boy? Of course it did. And now you can sate that desire with this trailer for the generic heist film.

In the film, The Wire's Idris Elba leads a crew of rappers (T.I.), singing domestic abusers (Chris Brown), Jedi (Christensen), and Paul Walkers (Paul Walker) in the robbery of somewhere between $25 and $30 million. But it won't be easy: Matt Dillon is on the case to stop them! I doubt he does, though. Have you seen this heist crew? They casually walk away from exploding helicopters! That's the criterion for bad-ass dudes. At least until someone comes up with something even more awesomely dangerous to nonchalantly stroll away from. Maybe a Tyrannosaurus holding a samurai sword?

How does Idris Elba get on some of the best TV shows (The Wire, The Office) but the worst movies (remember Obsessed)?

So... any TAKERS? Hahaha!

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