We Now Know Who Will Pretend To Found Facebook

September 23, 2009


David Fincher has ADDED some more FRIENDS to the cast of his vaguely-titled Facebook film, The Social Network (Note the witty reference I just made to "adding friends." Like with Facebook.):

Jesse Eisenberg will play founder Mark Zuckerberg, Justin Timberlake will play Sean Parker, the Napster co-founder who became Facebook’s founding president, and Andrew Garfield will play Eduardo Saverin, the Facebook co-founder who fell out with Zuckerberg as the social network became a financial juggernaut.

Well, now that the cast is in place, it's up to Fincher to come up with a way to for my mom to come in at some point late in the film and quietly judge all the things I've said throughout, like how happened with actual Facebook.

Fincher Makes Facebook Connections [Variety]

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