Men to Wear Black Again

October 30, 2009


In news probable to spawn a franchise starring Jaden Smith as J Jr., Men in Black III is coming:

Sony is moving forward on “MIB 3,” the third pic in its sci-comedy franchise.

“Tropic Thunder” writer Etan Cohen is penning the script, and Barry Sonnenfeld, who helmed the first two films, is said to be attached to the new installment, though there is no formal deal or offer as yet.

The studio is eyeing a 2010 start date and could go as soon as the spring.

The X-factor remains Will Smith. The A-lister, who starred with Tommy Lee Jones in the first two, has not committed to the pic, though in recent days the buzz in development circles has been that he is now interested in returning. Smith does not currently have a go movie lined up. Tommy Lee Jones’ involvement is uncertain.

Etan, make sure to write something that includes the Pepe the Muppet-esque guys drinking coffee and Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones having comically large/small weaponry. That's really all I ever walk away from the Men in Black movies remembering, and I worry, without those elements, I might end up just having an hour-and-a-half unaccounted-for absence in my life.

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