Bill Murray Still Not That Hot on 'Ghostbusters 3'

October 15, 2009


Does the promise of a Ghostbusters 3 fill you with the same emotional mix of childlike excitement and fear of failure that you get when you realize a girl will actually sleep with you? (Is that just me?) Worry less, worrier: we have a self-appointed protector of the Ghostbusters legacy.

In this brief red carpet interview with Bill Murray, he reveals that he's not as on-board as Harold Ramis would like us to believe. He says he won't commit to anything until he reads a script, and even then it has to be good--better than mediocre Ghostbusters 2 good--before he'll consider it. Also, I think he attempted to make a reference to Snood:

Good call, Bill Murray. But is he implying A Tail of Two Kitties is less than perfect?

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