New 'Star Trek' Getting Shatnier?

October 21, 2009

Going against all good sense that would logically keep William Shatner from reprising the role of Kirk in a new Star Trek sequel, director J.J. Abrams, speaking to reporters in Australia, revealed that he's still trying to figure out a way to pander to fans by working out some kind of time travel wormhole bullshit to get Shatner in this thing:

"It was a foregone conclusion we wanted him in the [first] movie," Abrams explained.

"The problem was his character died on screen in one of his Trek films and because we decided, very early on, that we wanted to adhere to Trek canon as best we could ... the required machinations to get Shatner into the movie would have been very difficult to do given the story we wanted to tell and also to give him the kind of part that he would be happy with.

"I feel like the first movie did some of the heavy lifting that needed to be done in order to free us to continue going forward. Maybe there's less of a burden and there's going to be more opportunity to work with [Shatner]."

Maybe have Data chauffeur Shatner from the afterlife to the past on an intergalactic humpback? Or does that make too much sense for the Star Trek universe? OK, just something with Q then.

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