Ryan Reynolds Starring in "Dude-in-Drag" Comedy, Which Is a Genre

October 16, 2009


From the confused, a-man-wearing-a-dress-is-automatically-hysterical mentality that brought you Sorority Boys comes... untitled comedy project about Ryan Reynolds wearing a dress!

Working title reportedly paid "high six figures against seven figures" for the concept, which is being painfully described as, "a dude-in-drag romantic comedy, with Reynolds playing a jilted lover who must disguise himself as a woman and befriend his ex in order to win her back." Because that concept is worth roughly a million dollars.

The studio is now presumably looking for a "Lois Lane type"--a woman who looks dim enough to make her not recognizing her boyfriend in a wig and makeup somehow believable--and an equally stupid-looking best friend who can inadvertently get a crush on Reynolds and convincingly deliver the line, "It's cool; I like 'em muscular, baby!" And also the rights to an Aerosmith song.

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