'Skank Robbers' Will Actually Be a Movie

October 16, 2009


Because parody movies are often our best source of ideas for actual movies, Martin Lawrence and Jamie Foxx have decided to turn Skank Robbers, a spoof trailer the two made for the BET Awards, into a real movie. Foxx apparently confirmed the news this morning on Ryan Seacrest's radio show (thanks for +Guy for tolerating Ryan Seacrest's radio show to hear this), and said shooting will begin in January.

The awards show sketch was based around Lawrence and Foxx's drag, stereotype-reinforcing television alter-egos, Wanda Reid and Sheneneh Jenkins, so this is good news if you were hoping to see those two again. Also good news if you're Jamie Foxx's arch-enemy, and you'd really been hoping he'd go from acclaimed, Oscar-winning performances to a ridiculous Gerard Butler thriller and something called Skank Robbers.

Here, for your enjoyment, is the fake trailer (which is now basically a real trailer):

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