'Toy Story 3' Trailer: Time For Toys to Escape From Somewhere Again!

October 12, 2009


Ut oh, toys! Andy has reached the age of 18, which, as we all know, is the age when a young man finally stops playing with wooden cowboys, packs up for college, and starts listening to somber Randy Newman songs to indicate the gravity of the situation. Andy's mom, like my dad, is eager to get that recently-vacated room turned into a den, and decides to donate the Woody, Buzz, Female Woody, Dinosaur Toy, and the rest of the gang to a daycare center. Now, since Woody hates acts of charity, it's time to escape!

Here's the trailer that explains that plot:

How is Buzz's new language setting going to get along with Woody's unchecked hatred for Latinos?

(Thank you, Pixar Fanatic.)

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