Weather Channel Finally Playing Movies

October 21, 2009


The Weather Channel has announced they'll be adding movies to their schedule at the end of the month. About fucking time, Weather Channel:

For the first time in its 27-year history, The Weather Channel® (TWC) will add movies to its programming schedule with “The Weather Channel Presents…” This new movie series launches Friday, October 30, with the TWC premiere of The Perfect Storm, starring George Clooney, which coincides with the anniversary of the ferocious “perfect storm” of 1991, on which the movie was based.

Following The Perfect Storm on Oct. 30, TWC will air feature films every Friday night in November. Weather plays a central role to the story, plot or overall theme in each of the movies selected.

Following The Perfect Storm, the films get slightly more questionably weather related. Foregoing an obvious choice like Twister (or maybe The Weather Man?), the network will next play March of the Penguins (snow!), followed by Misery (snow!) and Deep Blue Sea (tropical storm, sharks!).

Well, it's at least good to hear the Weather Channel has come up with a way to remain relevant when the internet has made TV weather news nearly obsolete. This should keep them afloat at least until someone comes up with a way to watch movies online, any time, for free.

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