'Grown-Ups' Trailer: The Bad Boys of SNL Plus Surrogate Have Aged

November 13, 2009


The trailer for the childhood-friends-reunite-as-adults film Grown-Ups is here. Watching it, I have to think this will probably be a new generation's The Big Chill. Except no it won't, because The Big Chill was college friends, and it never included gags where Jeff Goldblum swings into a tree and comically rolls down a hill. Maybe it's a new generation's Now and Then, without any of the flashback scenes? Or maybe it's just The Bad Boys of SNL Reunite as Dads, and Also King of Queens Is Here Instead of Chris Farley (RIP):

The last shot is what really sells it. "Ha ha ha! We're all having such a good time being grown-ups!"

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