Iron Man's New (I'm Told) Iron Suit

November 24, 2009


From the new Empire Magazine cover: it's Iron Man's new suit! I guess it's a new suit? I can't say I really notice a difference. Though, I often don't notice when my own clothing is partially unbuttoned; horribly stained; missing sleeves; actually a wet sack I've punched armholes through; made of the stained, matted human hair I had been using as bedding but slowly evolved to wearing, first as a sort of shawl, later as a full suit; etc. So I'm probably not the best guy to be determining if an outfit has been altered. And it's not even my duty. It's each man's own individual responsibility to determine if there are enough changes in a superhero's sequel costume to warrant buying a new set of action figures.

PS: I'm posting from a plane (hello, future) and my computer battery is rapidly dying. So if you don't hear from me again today, now you know why. Terrorists.

PPS: In the comments, Zach made a good point that maybe the War Machine suit is the new suit. I'll stick with my theory that this suit is the new one, but only in that it's nude from the waist down.

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