Karl Pilkington Gets His Round Head and Hangdog Face Animated

November 11, 2009


You should really be listening to the Ricky Gervais podcasts. If you are already, good job. If you're not... well, fine, but not listening because you "hate things made of sound" because they make you use your "brain eyes" is no longer a valid excuse (usually that would be a valid excuse). Soon, the audio series will be coming to HBO in the form of animation! No more using your brain eyes! You'll be able to use your eye eyes!

Here are a couple previews:

To be honest, I kind of think the visuals take something away from the raw audio experience. But if this will spread the stupidity of Karl Pilkington to a few more people still unexposed to Auntie Nora and Monkey News, then it is truly for the greater good.

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