'Nine' Poster: One of These Things Doesn't Belong

November 24, 2009


From MSN, here's the first poster for Nine, Rob Marshall's film adaptation of a musical based on a play based on Fellini's . There's a bit of an error on the image though; one thing doesn't belong. Can you spot it? Here's a hint: it's the thing that looks like the corpse of a meth-addled Gothic hooker who was brutally beaten and found in a ravine weeks later.

Honestly, if they're going to put Tim Burton's Battle Damage Fergie on this thing, at least try to bury her on the end or something. Don't start with her. She's tainting the whole thing. I'd rather see her septuagenarian co-star Judi Dench in a corset than have to stare at this Victorian brothel Swamp Thing.

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