Shirtless Wolfmen Continue Box Office Dominance

November 30, 2009


Note that these box office totals are for the five-day Thanksgiving weekend. It will make a difference when you're entering them into Excel.

1. New Moon - $66 million. $230 million total. Yet 1995's The Baby-Sitters Club grossed less than $10 million. Adapting stupid 14-year-old girl fiction into stupid 14-year-old girl movies is such a perplexing sport.

2. The Blind Side - $57.5 million. That's over $100 million in two weeks for Sandra Bullock putting on a shoddy Southern accent to rescue a giant boy. Figure that one out.

3. 2012 - $25.5 million. I suppose seeing Earth destroyed on Thanksgiving weekend made audiences thankful to know we live in the relatively non-disastrous world we do, with over two years to go until the devastating events of 2012 become reality.

4. Old Dogs - $24million. Note: this middling box office showing is in no way an indication of the likelihood of Old Dogs 2.

5. A Christmas Carol - $22.6 million. The Fantastic Mr. Fox was just too much of an actually-funny-and-not-creepy-to-look-at choice for families looking for an animated comedy.

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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