So Many People in 'Thor' Part 2: Kat Dennings, Too

November 23, 2009


Adding to the ridiculously lengthy list of people pretending to be Thor characters (see here, here, here, here, and here if you want to bother catching up), Natalie Portman is now saying Kat Dennings, the gal known for her infinite playlist, is also going to be in the film:

"Well I'm really excited," Portman told MTV News. "Kat Dennings is going to be in it with me and she's a good friend and an amazing actress, so I'm looking forward to that."

The "Thor" cast is already full of big names, and most of the obvious characters from the comics have already been cast, but Kat Dennings' arrival would still be huge news -- though it raises a sizable question mark over who she might be playing.

Knowing what I do about Marvel's Thor universe, I'd have to guess Dennings would be filling the role of... Yeah, I have no idea about the Thor universe. Could be playing absolutely anyone. Does the hammer ever become a woman? She's probably Lady Hammer.

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