Tyler Perry's Trailer for Tyler Perry's Movie

November 11, 2009


Tyler Perry isn't like most people. He routinely dresses up like an old woman and films it, for one thing. He also feels the need to point out that he owns all of his movies. But at the root of all these things that make Tyler Perry such a unique cross-dresser is his special brain. It doesn't work like yours and mine.

For example, when you or I see Couples Retreat, we see a lazy, forgettable comedy about troubled couples on a beach resort. In that same film, Tyler Perry sees an unpolished gem, only in need of a month buffing in the Tyler Perry's Insane Melodrama Tumbler to become this:

Why did they get married, also??? I bet, after the guy throws the pot through the window, Madea is all like, "You didn't just throw no plant at me! I ain't puttin' on no swimsuit!"

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