All That Talking Up of Sandra Bullock Paid Off

December 7, 2009


A confusing weekend box office for you:

1. The Blind Side - Despite being in its third week of release, and in the face of the wide releases of three new films and continued competition from New Moon, Sandra Bullock saved a giant boy (or did he save her...?) to the tune of $20.4 million, taking the top spot in he box office. What is happening here? Clearly word-of-mouth is at play, but whose mouths are these? And what are their words?

2. New Moon - $15.7 million. The profits for these Twilight things tend to taper off after everyone has seen it enough to get the entire script recorded in their diaries.

3. Brothers - $9.7 million, placing it third overall but first in the category "films that would be a really poorly-thought out way to tell your brother you slept with his wife while he was at war."

4. A Christmas Carol - $7.5 million. Merry Creepy!

5. Old Dogs - $6.9 million. Godspeed into cultural obscurity, Old Dogs. Thanks for all the times you looked so outstandingly stupid as to make my job easy.

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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