'Brooklyn's Finest' Trailer: "Finest" Being Police, and "Police" Being First Knight, Gattaca, and Hotel Rwanda/for Dogs

December 4, 2009


Brooklyn isn't all hipsters and lesbian moms, dudes. Some of this shit is REAL. So real that Richard Gere, Ethan Hawke, and Don Cheadle have decided to demonstrate how real it is to be a Brooklyn cop with a film, called Brooklyn's Finest. This trailer is basically every conflicted cop movie melded into one:

Argh! I'm a police officer but I have so many emotions!!!

I'd say more, but since watching The Wire, I'm obligated to give any film where Omar is playing any form of "gangsta" (that's the term, right?) the benefit of the doubt. Godspeed, Omar. Godspeed.

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