Bryan Singer Still Directing Mutants

December 17, 2009


Bryan Singer, seen above desperately trying to convey that he has directed X-Men movies, is directing another X-Men movie. Says First Showing:

Bryan Singer announced to reporters and an audience (including the guys at FlickChart) following the live stream of the premiere on Ustream/MySpace that he will indeed be directing the beginning of a new superhero franchise in X-Men: First Class, which confirms what we've suspected since October.

Well, seeing as X-Men 2 was pretty good (or at least it seemed pretty good when I saw it six years ago), and that X-Men 3 set the bar impossibly low, such that any future X-Men film by anyone other than Brett Ratner is almost guaranteed to be better (please don't test this theory by giving Ghost Rider and Daredevil director Mark Steven Johnson a shot), it's hard to be too against this decision. Have to say, pretty boring choice, though. You don't have to run back to your old, mediocre girlfriend just because you broke-up with your vapid new one, 20th Century Fox. Find someone new, man. You know, an Alfonso Cuarón might look nice on your arm. Just think about it.

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