Burton, Depp Adapting Soap Opera

December 8, 2009

Looks like Johnny Depp will continue paying off his life debt to Tim Burton in the only payment Burton will accept: creepy weirdo performances. Sci Fi Wire has confirmed Depp will star in yet another of the director's projects, this time taking the role of vampire Barnabas Collins in an adaptation of Dark Shadows, based on the 1960s gothic, Dracula-filled soap opera of the same name.

Hmm, combining vampires and soap opera-level ridiculous melodrama... Yes, despite all odds, I think that could indeed prove itself a popular concept.

A daytime soap with vampires seems so quaint now, though, doesn't it? I'm pretty sure soap operas are no longer allowed on the air without at least one vampire, several ghosts, and this happening at least once a year.

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