[Genre] Movie Series Goes International

December 8, 2009


It took some time and a lot of Juno references, but we finally have an internationally-adopted American export worse for health than fast food: there's a Spanish version of the [Genre] Movie series. As you'd expect, it's a full dinner's worth of spoof tapas, including arbitrary references to The Orphanage, [REC], Pan's Labyrinth, Volver, and whatever other Spanish films could be remembered in the half-hour typing session that produced the final script.

Written by Paco Cabezas and Eneko Lizarraga (clearly Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer using what they think are hilariously Spanish-sounding pseudonyms), the film is called, what else, Spanish Movie. And no, I'm not translating that from Spanish Película. They're literally just calling it Spanish Movie. Thanks to Scary, Date, Epic, and Disaster Movie, "movie" is now a loanword that means not "film" but "reference-filled pseudo-comedy."

Here's the trailer. Keep an eye out at 1:30 for Spanish Leslie Nielsen! (It's seriously fucking Leslie Nielsen.)

A No Country for Old Men reference? So anything with a Spanish actor counts, too? You guys are drifting dangerously close to compromising the sanctity of this project.

(via The Hater)

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