Going to the Theater Now Even More Riddled with Obnoxious Novelty

December 2, 2009


Remember when 3D movies were a novelty, when you'd put on cheap, silly red and blue-tinted glasses to see objects and limbs shoved deliberately at the screen? How things have changed, eh? Now 3D films are a billion dollar industry novelty, where you put on slightly higher quality silly glasses to see objects and limbs shoved deliberately at the screen but with the constant endorsement of James Cameron letting you know you're supposed to be super-immersed now.

But still, something is missing. Even with these 3D mock sunglasses dulling my vision, I can still see the faint line between the current 3D film experience and Univeral Studios' Back to the Future: The Ride. What I'm saying is: why aren't out seats moving around to simulate the experience of being jostled?

The makers of D-Box technology, the premier seat jostling system named after an SNL sketch, had that same absurd thought. So now we're getting it:

Ten select theaters across America will be equipped with special motion seats during showings of Sherlock Holmes. The seats will simulate the action during the movie, though they’ll remain motionless during dialogue driven moments.

This is a gimmick which has been tried before and, frankly, never really took off. This time they’re using a system called D-Box Motion Code, which embeds cues in the frames of the film to perfectly synchronize whatever it is their seats decide to do with whatever’s happening on screen.

How exciting! When Holmes gets punched, my seat will lurch! As if the famous detective was pushing me around in a wheelchair and got knocked off the handles, I guess! I'm going to be so much more immersed in the film when it feels like I'm watching from the backseat of a Dodge Caravan going down a dirt road. Thanks, D-Box!

Sherlock Holmes Has A New Gimmick: Motion Seats [Cinema Blend]

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