Isabella Rossellini Wants To Show You How To Get Animals in Bed

December 10, 2009


With Green Porno, Isabella Rossellini produced a series of shorts in which she, playing the part of various horny animals, taught audiences how insects and sea creatures went at it by dressing up and humping models. She's basically making advancements in education that make Maria Montessori look like an asshole.

Last night at a screening of Green Porno, my friend Chris tells me (and now you!) she's hoping to make a semi-prequel to the bizarre series, this time stepping back from actual reproduction and examining just how creatures get potential mates into their animal apartments in the first place:

So I went to a a screening of Green Porno last night and Isabella Rossalini was there to talk about it. She said that on Monday she was going to Sundance to pitch them another series of shorts, this one about the seduction techniques of animals.

Also, she said she was working on an hour long documentary for one of the Discovery Channel channels, tentatively titled Manhattan Beasts.

No clue what Manhattan Beasts is all about, but I'll still watch it as long as it involves Isabella Rossellini dressing up and humping something.

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