Surely We Need a Hawkman Movie

December 21, 2009


Amongst all the big-budget superhero adaptations in the last decade, there's one obvious element that's been missing: a winged man in barbarian garb wearing a helmet with a beak and holding a mace. Wait, never mind. It turns out we're doing that. Say Pajiba:

The Hollywood Cog ... tells me that Warner Brothers and DC Comics are developing a big-screen version of Hawkman.

Warners is looking to make Hawkman a tentpole franchise, and describes the movie as part Indiana Jones, part Da Vinci Code and part Ghost ...

So Hawkman--who has various ridiculous histories, including his history as a toy that really annoyed me because the wings barely fucking flapped when you squeezed his legs--is being re-envisioned as an archaeological adventure that offends the Catholic church and helps Demi Moore with her pottery projects? Because that makes perfect sense for a man who flies around with a mace; I'm just making sure I get it.

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