Tarantino's Gestures His Way Through His Top 8 of 2009

December 15, 2009


In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Quantin Tarantino has revealed his picks for the top 8 films he's seen thus far in 2009 (he notes there are some recently-praised films he's missed). Those hoping for a handy guide to the year's best obscure, foreign genre films are going to be disappointed by his choices. Those hoping for validation that Star Trek was indeed pretty awesome, you will be pleased.

Full list, along with video, under the cut.

1. Star Trek
2. Drag Me to Hell
3. Funny People
4. Up in the Air
5. Chocolate
6. Observe & Report
7. Precious
8. An Education

Not really a bad list, but so boring. You'd expect something a little different from Tarantino. This is nearly as disappointing as the top 8 lists of David Lynch ("The Hangover. 'Nuff said.") and Lars Von Trier ("Transformers 2 for all 8, fuck the haters.")

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