Tobey Maguire: Hobbit?

December 15, 2009


Ut-oh, is Spider-Man going to be playing Hobbit-Man? Perhaps! Latino Review says:

Tobey Maguire was having a conversation and was asked which director he would like to work with next? Tobey’s answer?

“Guillermo del Toro”

Know what else Tobey said?

"We may have something here in the near future.”

I checked with agency sources and yep, it’s true!

Apparently, we’re in the early stages of talks between CAA and the producers of the Hobbit film for Tobey to topline the film as Bilbo Baggins!

Tobey hasn’t been cast and an offer hasn’t been made. It’s just talks.

Hmm, I'm pretty ambivalent about the idea of Maguire as Bilbo. And in times of Bilbo indecision, there's only one, definitive source of Bilbo information to turn to...

I still don't know if Maguire would be good, but at least now I'm so bewildered that I don't care.

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