Weekend Box Office Gets Blue and Cat-Like

December 21, 2009


Your last weekend box office report before Christmas. Print and laminate it for a quick gift.

1. Avatar - $73 million. Pretty impressive considering a massive storm hit the east coast, bringing with it mountains of snow and, somehow, the overwhelming feeling that from the Avatar trailer alone, everyone already feels like they get it enough to not even bother.

2. The Princess and the Frog - $12.2 million. Now that we have a black princess, it's about time Disney gets to work on another underrepresented demographic in their princess universe: lepers.

3. The Blind Side - $10 million, nearly $165 fucking million total. STOP MAKING MONEY, THE BLIND SIDE.

4. Did You Hear About the Morgans - Only $7 million? Maybe you guys don't get the concept. See, the main characters are from Manhattan, but now they have to live in the country. Do you not see how funny that fish-out-of-water scenario would be?

5. New Moon - $4.4 million. One more week in the top five and it gets the canvas tote. Good luck!

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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