Billy Paxton Wants To Hunt Tornadoes in Third Dimension

January 8, 2010


Drawing inspiration from those pop-ups ads promising a wondrous 3D tornado that will save your screen (and apparently a trip he took to the Ozarks), Bill Paxton has decided he'd like to make another Twister film--this one using 3D gimmicks to make the cows caught in the tornadoes fly right out of the screen! The actor explained to Premium Hollywood (via Empire):

“I’ve had a meeting at the studio with Kathleen Kennedy about it,” Paxton said, whose inspiration for a sequel came as a result of a trip that he took to the Ozark Mountains last spring.

"That would need Steven Spielberg’s blessing, ultimately, and they probably won’t take it to him ‘til there’s real studio interest, but I think the 3D applications of that could obviously be pretty amazing.

"I always thought the first ‘Twister’ was an exciting ride, but I thought a sequel could explore it in a more enthralling way, getting into more of the history and the lore, more of a darker version of the first one.”

A darker Twister, huh? I don't think anyone actually wants that, but OK, Bill. Go for it. But first things first: we're going to need a more somber Goo Goo Dolls song.

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