Kids in Hall Reuniting, Living Together!?

January 13, 2010


Do you like those Kids in the Hall comedy fellows? Yeah you do, am I right? And do you like wacky, high-concept sitcoms? "No, those are television's equivalent of stage IV bedsores," am I right? I agree, but now it's time for us to deal with those conflicting, seemingly irreconcilable viewpoints, because Kids Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald are doing a ridiculously high-concept sitcom:

Satirical comics/actors Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald have signed with Canadian indie producer No Equal Entertainment to develop and star in a half-hour 1980s nostalgia comedy for Canwest Global Communications Corp.

The comedy series "Big in the 80s" will be executive produced by J.B. Sugar, Jonathan Kesselman and McDonald and Foley, both of whom are best-known for their 1990s sketch comedy series "Kids in the Hall" on the CBC.

Foley and McDonald will pen the script and star in the new Canadian comedy about former bandmates of a hot 1980s rock group that, after years of estrangement, are forced to reunite and live together.

With this mini Kids in the Hall reunion, the full Kids in the Hall reunion miniseries, and those Degrassi episodes I sometimes flip past on Sunday afternoons, this is looking like a good year for me being aware of as many as three Canadian TV shows!

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