Mega Shark's Awesomeness Explained with Science

January 27, 2010


Sure, it was pretty rad when the amazing beast known as Mega Shark erupted from its watery home to take down a passing aircraft in Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, but did you ever stop and think if it was scientifically feasible? Fuck yeah, it was! (Assuming that Mega Shark is capable of reaching speeds of over 700 km/h, which he clearly is.)

This infographic explores the physics of the colossal fish, helping us to better understand just what our cartilaginous foe must be capable of. Though, really, without a companion chart explaining what science makes Giant Octopus so awesome, I'm not sure how much help this is really going to be in the long run.

Click above for bigger, or here for MEGA size.

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