Tilda Swinton Would Be Thrilled To Play Conan O'Brien

January 26, 2010


On his final day as host of The Tonight Show, departing hero Conan O'Brien mentioned that if HBO decides to make a The Late Shift 2, he'd like fellow red-head Tilda Swinton to play his part. So, logically, when Movieline caught up with the translucent-skinned actress at Sundance, they decided to ask her how she'd feel about playing the tall-haired comedian:

“I’ve heard about Conan!” Swinton said excitedly when I broached the subject. “I’m so thrilled.”

So would she be willing to take on the challenge of playing him? After all, Swinton has bent genders onscreen before, as anyone who’s seen her 1992 film Orlando would know.

“I would just be only too happy,” she beamed. “Yes, yes, yes, absolutely.”

Sounds good. But who's going to play Kimmel so that he can play Jay?

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