Warner Delaying Netflix Rentals a Month or So

January 6, 2010


Bad news: you're going to have to wait an entire month of February before you can rent Sex and the City 2 from Netflix. In an effort to increase DVD sales, Warner Bros. had worked out a deal with the rental giant to delay all Warner rentals for 28 days after retail release. When your neighbor who's one of those rich jerks who just buys every new DVD he sees near the checkout at Walmart starts trying to chat with you about a new release that didn't look good enough for either of you to bother with in theaters, you're going to have to timidly admit to him, "Sorry, I haven't seen that. I RENT things. I'm too POOR and WORTHLESS to indiscriminately purchase films of questionable quality." You've just brought shame to so many non-conspicuously spending families, Netflix and Warner Bros. Thanks.

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