Webb May Direct Spider-Man, Probably Just Because of His Name

January 14, 2010


Marc Webb has been given the classic "OK, I'll go to prom with you, unless someone better comes along." The (500) Days of Summer director is reportedly at the top of Sony's list for directing the Spider-Man reboot. But he doesn't have the job yet: the studio also has a wish list with names like James Cameron, David Fincher, and Wes Anderson on it, because apparently no one at Sony has seen a Wes Anderson film but heard he did something with a "fox man" that must be comparable. Basically, the people in charge of Spider-Man have no idea what they're doing or what direction they want to go with it and are frantically grasping at anything. So no one send them that Japanese Spider-Man video in the next few months, or they're probably going to start thinking giving him a Megazord isn't such a bad idea.

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