Z. Efron Joins 'Fire', Something That's Like 'Back to the Future'

January 28, 2010


Zac Efron, captain of the Wildcats basketball team, has reportedly signed on to two new projects that he hopes will distance him from being thought of as an elven song and dance man.

With Universal, Efron is set to star in Fire, an adaptation of comics goldenboy Brian Michael Bendis's graphic novel of the same name. The sprite-like actor would play "a college student who is recruited by the CIA, only to find that he has been trained for a program that creates expendable agents," which basically sounds a like a mix between Scud: The Disposable Assassin and Agent Cody Banks.

Meanwhile, Efron also set up a separate deal with Warner Bros. that would cast him in "a Back To The Future-like film that melds two projects. One’s a pitch from writers Tim Calpin and Kevin Jakubowski, and the other is a WB project called Algorithm that the studio was already developing as a directing vehicle for Nick Stoller." So it's derivative and an ill-conceived amalgam of unrelated ideas! Sounds great already.

Regardless of how either project turns out, I will say it's nice to see another biological creation of Disney severing the saccharine umbilical cord. Even if he is standing on the shoulders of Shias.

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