Merchant, Smoove Join Married-Guys-Get-To-Sleep-Around Movie

February 22, 2010


The Farrelly Brothers name might not carry the same weight it did back when Earth was enjoying a collective guffaw at Cameron Diaz's semen-filled coiffure, but the cast of their latest is shaping up so well I'm thinking I might have to give the sibling duo another try despite those grating Sprint ads they made to remind us to turn off our cell phone in the theater. Just look who the Hollywood Reporter says has joined Hall Pass:

Stephen Merchant and J.B. Smoove are joining the New Line comedy that stars Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis and Jenna Fischer. The story revolves around a pair of married couples who decide to experiment with the concept of a free pass for the husbands to use for guilt-free romantic encounters outside their marriages.

Merchant and Smoove will play friends of Rick (Wilson) and Fred (Sudeikis) who accompany them as they cut loose and attempt to cash their tickets.

Considering that Merchant and Smoove were inevitable scene-stealers on their respective HBO comedies (Extras, Curb Your Enthusiasm), this can only be good news for the Farrelly Brothers' film. If they can't wring a few more laughs out of someone getting their genitals hurt, no one can. And then what world would this be?

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