Blockbuster Lets Loose Another Death Rattle

February 26, 2010


Yes, Blockbuster still exists. But probably not for much longer.

In their desperation to stay afloat with Netflix's hand firmly holding their head under, the company is reportedly attempting to cut expenses by $200 million in the coming year. How are they going to do that? They've got a couple great ideas!

1. Drastically cut advertising. This one is a bit surprising, considering that I can't remember seeing a Blockbuster ad since those No More Late Fees commercials half-a-decade ago and, until recently entering an shockingly still-functional store looking for clearance items, thought for sure they were all closing. But if somehow making people even less aware you're still in business will save some money, go for it.

2. Closing 500 stores. Can't argue with that one. Who's ever heard of a Blockbuster making money?

Blockbuster hopes the changes will help pay off some of their $963m in debt. And if that doesn't work, they have one more idea: they're coming to your fucking HOME to get that $2.50 you've owned since 2001.

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