Having Abs Still Working Out Great for Taylor Lautner

February 11, 2010


Being muscley is still paying the bills for a certain dim-looking werewolf hunk. Deadline Hollywood is reporting Taylor Lautner is going to star in yet another action movie, this one supposedly a Bourne-like thriller called Abduction.

In case you haven't been following how casting agents are now using Tiger Beat as a casting reference, let me catch you up on the other films and roles you'll soon be seeing his powerful abs in:

- Max Steel, playing super x-treme dude Max Steel.
- Cancun, playing some sort of frat boy Steven Seagal who uses martial arts to save some spring break babes.
- Northern Lights, playing an awesome pilot who is also muscular.
- Stretch Armstrong, playing Stretch Armstrong, a guy with comically stretchy limbs.

So get used to seeing a lot of this guy. He's here to stay, and there's no use fighting it. His muscles are too strong for you to resist.

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