Let's Just Have Mickey Rourke Play Every Muscley Old Guy

February 25, 2010


Now that casting Mickey Rourke in something doesn't automatically mean your movie is desperate and terrible, he's apparently going to play every old, strong guy. The mildly grotesque actor/pugilist, who will soon be seen swinging electro-whips at Robert Downey Jr., was just yesterday revealed to be up for the role of Conan's dad in Conan. Now Deadline Hollywood says he's in talks for another film that sounds like it would probably involve swords. If things work out, Rourke would play Ancient Greek ruler King Hyperion in War of the Gods, the next film by Tarsem Singh, the director of our most vividly colored, beautiful fucking bores.

The lesson here? You can give up one dream to pursue another dream of fighting some dudes, then also give that up, then have your face reconfigured into something disconcerting, and eventually get back into the original dream, even with Aerosmith hair and a little dog. The American dream lives.

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