Oh, Good, an Erector Set Movie

February 16, 2010


Still trying to keep up with those bastards at Lego, the Meccano Toy Company has made a deal with independent production company Helix Films to make a 3D feature film based on their bygone Erector Sets.

For those who didn't have these things, Erector Sets are construction toys that enjoyed more popularity back in the days when kids cared more about building bridges and machines than pirate ships and badass spaceships. I think it was just a bunch of metal bars, nuts and bolts you could hook a motor up to. I don't know, really. My only memory of them is disparagingly referring to toy as "Erection Sets"; I was raised in a Lego/Construx home.

Helix revealed no specifics as to how they plan to build a plot out of miniature girders and hardware, but did say they want to build this into a franchise (of course) that could expand into television and video games. So now when a kid asks Santa to get him the Lego Star Wars video game, cheap parents are totally going to end up getting him the bargain bin Erector Set Space Battles instead.

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